wlmobilefreezer tool download

Wlmobilefreezer Tool Download & How It Works ?

I have been using two software for my tracking needs. One is paid and one is free, with free app I do face a lot challenges like I have to share my device info as well as my personal info which I’m not very comfortable of. So, I went ahead and purchased an app called mSpy based on checking reviews and price factor.

I’m sharing the review of both the apps below and leave it on you to decide which to go for. Obviously, I won’t share my preference as it would not be fair for both the app.

So here are both apps. I have also shared the download link for both apps and how to use them.

  1. Mspy App
  2. Wlmobilefreezer

📋 Note: I’m sharing the review of both apps based on my experience of using them for more than 2 years at least.

Mspy App: I did use trail version of few other apps such as spyzei or fonemonitor but I was not impressed and it was tough to get a hold of those apps. So, I though let’s try to trail version before buying it. Surprisingly, this app was so each to use and there were a lot of feature I needed badly was there. Like GPS location of my kids is my favorite one. I want make one thing clear, this is installed after I have convinced my kid for it.

You can start using the app in just 3 steps:

  1. Download it from the official site 
  2. Install the app
  3. Start tracking

👉Downloading the app:  While downloading select the subscription package you want, either for Home or Business monitoring. Give your billing details and look for the mail that you will receive once you buy the product.

👉How to Install mSpy:

NOTE: You must have physical access to the device you wish to monitor for installation to take place. I know its one drawback but once you overcome this step it’s really worth it.

Open the mail which will include a login link and accompanying login information. Follow the link and set up your personal Control Panel. Log into the Control Panel and follow on-screen instructions to install the app it fairly easy to install when you follow on-screen instructions.

Note: The app has to be installed on the victim’s phone for this to work

Now here comes the fun part…👻

👉Start Monitoring

Once installed it will begin logging all mobile activity taking place on the monitored device.

Android users can learn how to install the mSpy app in detail from here

Iphone users can follow this link to install 

Here are some of the Pros & Cons of the App.


  • As compared to its competitor, it has got way more features.
  • Helps track Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, Facebook and many more apps.
  • Helps track the exact location of the users
  • Record call logs, messages, etc.
  • Records password, phone contacts, photos, videos, etc


  • You need the victim’s phone to install the app for at least 5 mins.
  • Few features are only available for rooted or jailbroken devices.
  • Allows tracking only one phone at a time

Wlmobilefreezer Tool Developed For Tracking User’s Location 

Note: This app has recently reported some glitches and we are not sure when it will be fixed by the developer. However, we have shared from where you can download this app and activation code as well.

Wlmobilefreezer is a smart and simplistic solution pertaining to all the problems that you encounter whilst tracing location of the phone number or user location.

Wlmobilefreezer Tool Download & How It Works ?

wlmobilefreezer tool download

Here, we have one of the idealistic tool i.e., WLMOBILEFREEZER TOOL which is primarily designed to track the location of all the android phones. No more hindrance of numerous software installations or coding job in order to trace the location of mobile. Indeed, we will make your life easier in tracing the location of the phone numbers; all that you need to do is just to install the app in one go and enter the mobile number and rest of the information gets automatically extracted and the same will be displayed on your screen.

Furthermore, we are here to assist you on how to where to install this tool and its usage method.

Locate Caller Location with Mobile Number 2021

Indeed, it is quite possible to track the location easily and effectively by following simple steps, which comprises of tool and phone number. In order to track mobile number location, you need a simple tool and mobile number and you are up for it.

This tool (WLMOBILEFREEZER TOOL) is very much useful with the help of mobile number 2021. Moreover, this WLMOBILEFREEZER TOOL for android is well-liked among the hacker’s community. Nevertheless, there are only few tutorials are available about this tool on YouTube, it is very difficult to comprehend the content of it, and most likely you end up landing in boredom. On the other hand, people aren’t aware of this wonderful tool as there isn’t much information available on the internet about it. Therefore, we recommend you to follow the series of steps in a chronological order. Moreover, we are sure that this tool WLMOBILEFREEZER TOOL apk will definitely come in handy whenever you are in the utmost need. Lastly, we would sincerely urge you not to misuse any of its features that are available in this tool whatsoever may be the reasons, as it would simply lead to a hoax.

Highlighted features of the tool:

  • This tool simply helps in Geolocating someone’s current position using a mobile number.
  • It does not require any app installations on the victim’s mobile phone.
  • Free of Cost, no strings attached such premium chargers, etc.
  • Tracks locations instantaneously
  • Free updates for 1 year.
  • Easy to navigate software Graphical UI
  • Currently working on Windows OS.

Apart from Location if you want to track their phone conversation, Whatsapp Messages, Photos, Videos, Facebook. Then,

What type of phones it usually tracks lets us to get into the details:

  • Almost every mobile device as long as it has SIM Card provided mobile number as well as GPS.

Side Note: Would you like to share your opinion and make money as well, here is your chance. Right now only valid for United State users.

Steps to identify caller location with Mobile Number 2021 / How to use WLMOBILE FREEZER TOOL

  • Please click on the below link to download the wlmobilefreezer apk. Or Follow this link to download
  • Once you will finish the downloading and setup files process and then you need to install it on your PC ( OS – Windows 7, Windows & Windows 8.1 version ) 32 -bit & 64-bit OS.
  • Upon successfully completing the installation process, you need to open the app and enter Victims mobile number in the desired field in UI.
  • And then click on “Locate Current Position”
  • Just wait for a few moments and allow the tool to display the location on your screen.

Users must not fail to turn on their GPS whilst using this tool. Otherwise, the process would not function.

Few other tools to help you locate the mobile user location

There are multiple apps available for Playstore and Appstore like ‘GPS Phone Tracker’ & ‘Family GPS tracker Kid Control’ are great with tracking mobile phones. The best thing about these tools are you don’t need the internet for this feature to work. This software will help you find GPS coordinates of a phone number right away without User’s Permission.

One software that is my favorite is SpyStealth Premium, this is one of the best cell phone tracking app. Once installed the app stays hidden on the phone but keeps track of its GPS location. Furthermore it also records call, text messages, social media activity and much more.

Source: Quora
There are dozens of apps out there that’ll get the job done(XNSpy, SpyMaster Pro) Just install whatever app you choose discreetly when the person is sleeping or they leave to go somewhere — and don’t forget to hide the icon of whatever app you install. You can place it in an obscure folder and hope they don’t notice it too soon, or you can also install an app hider program (like Poof, App Locker for example) to make the icon disappear entirely. The easiest way to hide an app is to simply remove it from your app drawer Using home replacement launchers like Nova Launcher.

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