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Truecaller Online Search Name 2020. Find Name Of Caller

There are many features of Truecaller App.

One such feature is, it can help you find the name of person who called you. We will talk about this feature and how you can use this feature later in the post.

But, before that let us tell you what are the restrictions of this feature. Yes, finding Truecaller online search name is possible but this is only limited to users who have premium version of the app.

We have discussed the benefits of premium version of the app in the post below.

The free version on the app can help you find the name of the person who called you. But, this is only applicable if the user is already using the Truecaller app and have given consent to the app to access their phone contacts.

So, if the user is not using the app, how can you get the basic details like from where the user called, what network he is using. Then, we have one tool here caller mobile number details which can give you all the basic details.

Now, coming to the title of the page Truecaller online search name.

Here is everything you need to know about above feature. 

Truecaller app is blessing in disguise for this generation and may be for next generation to come. This app has revolutionized the way users search any unknown number details.

This app has multiple feature that you can take advantages and most of its feature are free of cost. One such feature is Truecaller Online Search Name 2020.

This goes without saying, you need to first install Truecaller App on your device. Android users can download the app from here.

Where as iOS users can download the app from here. No worries if you don’t have your phone with you right now. You can use this feature from desktop as well

Truecaller Online Search Name 2020

Truecaller online search name

We will first give you overview of how this feature works. If you are aware of this step you can skip this step.

Basically, using Truecaller Online Search Name you can find any person name if you have their phone number. This feature works great if you met someone at party and forgot their name.

It will even show you their Facebook profile if they have any. Along with their mail ID. However, these feature will only be available if the users have set their profile to public.

All you have to do is on the Truecaller app enter their phone number and you will get all their details.

Unfortunately, Truecaller Online Search Name 2020 comes with some price.

In order to use this feature you will have to buy the Truecaller Pro version.

Here is how you can go for Pro version. It just cost penny but the feature it has are incredible.

The benefits of Professional are:

  • Getting rid of ads.
  • 30 contact requests a month to ask for numbers when searching for names. The owner of the number gets your request either through SMS or as a notification depending on whether they are a Truecaller user or not. The owner of the phone number has to first accept your contact request before any details are shared.
  • Get the Pro Badge beside your avatar.
After you download Truecaller you can choose to subscribe to Pro by:
– Open the Truecaller.
– To buy Professional tap on the ‘menu’ in the upper left corner.

– On the confirmation screen, choose an existing payment method or add a new payment method (The pricing will be shown in your local currency). We offer two Pro packages, a yearly and a monthly one.

– Tap Subscribe.
*Note: Some payment methods may not be accepted for all subscriptions. To review payment method restrictions, go to accepted payment methods.

We are living in the world which is full of innovations and technology and it’s growing day by day. Every other day you will notice new technology has taken over the world in real. And you would not want to left behind in this.

As the new innovations is emerging day by day and thus in order to stay connected to the latest innovation, you need to upgrade yourself technically.

It is up gradation of technology only due to which a simple keypad containing phone has been replaced by a smart phone containing various OS, number of useful apps which is making our life so easy thereby not killing much of time.

There are number of apps that are compatible to only computer or only mobile phones and some apps are there which is compatible for both laptops as well as mobile phones and Truecaller is one such app.

Interesting Facts about TrueCaller

One of the most popular app to be used by the mobile phones is TrueCaller app. This app is developed by the Swedish company True Software Scandinavia AB.

It is a freeware application initially released in September 2009. TrueCaller helps us to find contacts globally.

Apart from getting name, address and location of the caller, TrueCaller also has the ability to block unwanted calls thereby filling details in your phonebook using social media profiles of contacts. The interesting part of it is that before picking up the call it instantly tells you who is calling.

The best part of it is that it has an integrated Caller ID service which helps to achieve call-blocking functionality and social media integration to keep the phonebook up-to- date with pictures and birthdays.

You will be surprised to know that about 10 million users are using TrueCaller.

Search Name on TrueCaller

We have already talked little bit above, let’s see more about online search name on TrueCaller. It is the best platform to connect with people you met at events, festivals, and friend of friends or any work colleagues.

You need to be a professional TrueCaller user which can be bought in your TrueCaller Settings if you need to ask for contact details. Sometimes this app becomes so useful when all you have is only name.

Following are the easiest way to search name online on TrueCaller:

  • Open TrueCaller Website.
  • Then after you need to sign-in where the website will provide you following options for login:
  • Google Account
  • Microsoft Account
  • Facebook Account
  • Yahoo Account

Type the name you want to search. After searching ‘Request Contact Details’ will be flashed but it should be noted that the very person must be within your circle of people you know so as to discover them on TrueCaller through search name.

For clicking on the above mentioned tag in order to request that person to connect with you, you must have TrueCaller Premium to send request to that specified person.

Then that person must accept your request so that you can connect with him/her and be able to see their contact details.

If the specified person accepts your request then you can get confirmation message in your notification bar.

With this facility of TrueCaller name search both parties agree to share out their contact information to whom they wish.

Steps to download TrueCaller App?

TrueCaller app supports almost all the mobile platforms which includes Symbian (old Nokia phones), Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Apple iOS. You can easily find this app available on the
respective stores of the mentioned Operating Systems. Just search for “truecaller” in the store or from playstore, download and install the app.

If you have an old phone then you may download this app from the TrueCaller website.

Benefits of using TrueCaller

Today’s life consist of busy and hectic schedule. Nobody is free enough to waste their important time in attending fake, spam or unwanted calls.

To overcome such problem TrueCaller is the ultimate solution which has the ability to block such calls.

Moreover being free its highly in demand. Using this app you can even block any person present in your contact list.

So, in order to gain better experience download this app and use it. Hope the information provided above was useful for all the readers. If any query, feel free to ask.


  1. Nigerian atm cards do not work on this platform anymore except the currency is converted to dollars

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