New Feature: Back Up Your Phone With TrueCaller Contacts BackUp 2018

Buying new phone but worried about losing your phone contacts on old phone. I know, you are thinking about saving your contacts on sim card before moving on to new phone. Yes, this is possible, but there are many drawbacks for it. Like the ones described below:

There is a limit to number of contacts you can add in your sim card. Last time I have checked it was somewhere around 200. Additionally, this is a very complicated process and you may risk losing your contacts if not done correctly.

You can overcome the above drawbacks with Truecaller Contacts Backup 2018 Feature. Do not worry about how this feature works as we will be giving you complete details on how this feature works in most simple way. Incase, if you are not able to follow any steps described below, you can always drop a comment below and we promise to reply them.

Back Up Your Phone With TrueCaller Contacts BackUp 2018


Here is over all summery of the whole process that we have described below:

  • This goes without saying you you need to install Truecaller App on your both on old and new device.
  • Set up a Google Drive account. If you already have one it’s more than perfact.
  • Back up your phone contacts on Truecall app using Google Drive
  • When you will run Truecaller on your new device all the contacts will be added to your new phone.
  • Now we have explained each pointer in detail below:

  1. Install Truecaller App on your both on old and new device: First of all you will need to install Truecaller app on your old phone. If you already have one, you can proceed to next step, else you can download Truecaller app 2018.
  2. Set up a Google Drive account: The next time you update and open Truecaller you’ll be prompted to setup your backup. With just a click of a button, Truecaller will backup all your contacts, call history, call logs, block list and settings preferences to a file that will be stored on your Google Drive. If you don’t already have a Google Drive account you’ll be prompted to create one. From the Settings menu, you’ll be able to select how often you want to backup your data (daily, weekly, monthly or never.)
  3. When you will run Truecaller on your new device all the contacts will be added to your new phone: Now download and open Truecaller on your new device. If you have done truecaller contacts backup 2018 earlier. you will get an option to restore your contacts from Google Drive. Once the restoration is complete, all the call logs, contacts details will be downloaded to your new phone.  So basically, If you ever need to restore all your data all you’ll need to do is give Truecaller access to the file you stored on your Google Drive and your data will be restored to the last saved state.
  4. Bonus Feature By Truecaller App: Truecaller Contacts are here:  Using this feature, you can even get the number and name of any person you have an year ago. Basically, this feature works great, if you have forgotton any person name or number years ago. In addition to backing up all our contacts, the company is adding new Truecaller Contacts view to the contacts list. This view will contain all the contacts you’ve ever had from any Call, SMS or transaction. So even if you don’t save a contact you’ll be able to go back and find who you’ve communicated with in the past.

About Truecaller App: If you have smartphone then your phone is incomplete without this app. Truecaller allows you to find mobile number details, find a person name using their phone number using truecaller name search feature. You can block spam calls and many more feature.

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