Trace a mobile location 2018

Trace A Mobile Location Using Satellite OR GPS

There are may ways to trace mobile number current location through satellite but most of them are out of reach for many users like us.

And, the reason is:

Tracking a phone via satellite is mostly used by Authorities/Governments or police mostly to solve crime. Also, they have the legal authority to do so(This depends from country to country).


You can use GPS to track a cellphone location which also locate the number using satellite. There are many free and paid apps that will do the job.


When we reviewed most of the free apps they din’t perform as expected and crashed many times. Then, we moved on to the paid apps. Surprisingly enough they did the job far better than free apps.

If you are searching for one of those apps helpful in tracing mobile number current location through satellite then we have reviewed one app below which fared batter than others while location the Mobile.

The downside of these apps are, you need to have access to the user’s phone to track their location live. However, the good thing is you’ll need their phone just for 5 minutes(the time needed to install the app on the victim’s phone). Once the app is install, the user won’t even know that any such app exists on their phone and you can easily trace their location from the app dashboard.

Note: If you are looking to any such method where you enter the phone number and click on search and expecting it will track the location through satellite, then this post won’t be that useful to you. Basically, of all the apps and software that we have reviewed none of them offer such services. If some website/apps claims to do that then we would advice you to stay away from these apps.

Now coming to main topic: 

We found this app called Famiguard and reviewed the app. We have shared our findings of Famiguard review below. It will help you decide whether you should test the app or not?

But, before that let us show you how to install Famiguard on target device.

You can install this app in just 4 steps:

  • Register yourself.
  • Install the FamiGuard app on the target phone.
  • Configure the target device.
  • Start tracking.

Now let us check each step in detail:

Register yourself: You can download the app from play/app store or from the website link shared above. Once you download the app, you can register your Famiguard account by entering the required details.

Now time to install the FamiGuard app on the target phone: You can install the app on the victim’s phone using your username and password created during registration. You can even track the device using Famiguard website and in this case you don’t need to install the app.

Configure the target device: You will get onscreen instruction to install the app. After completing the setup, the device can now be tracked using your phone.

Time to start tracking: Now, you can track the target device by logging on to your account from the website, or from the app on your own device. In the app dashboard, select location tracking, and you can see the real-time location of the target device. The website has similar options and can also be used for tracking, like on the app.

Few things that impressed us about this app are:

Famiguard app is offered by imyfone. This app has the ability to track real-time location using the GPS module of the phone. During our testing the location were accurate and updates instantly with the change in position of the device.

Here is a simple video explaining the above steps:

We have listed below all the possible ways you can trace a mobile location. Some tricks are paid and some are free, however both method works perfectly.  

Do not fall for the scam on the internet if someone says they can trace a mobile location if you pay them some money. It doesn’t work that way, only government under some exceptional circumstances can spy on any users mobile number.

Before we start off with our tutorial below, we would like to advise our users not to misuse any of the below tricks. In case of misuse will not be responsible.

Here is the list of all the app and software to trace a mobile location 

Trace a mobile location 2018

  1. Mspy(paid)– This app can trace almost anything but depends on what it is that you want to track. This app has two popular version Basic and Premium. But Premium is more popular as it can track almost anything.
  2. In Basic Feature you can track GPS Location, Photos & Videos, Emails, Keyword alerts, Call history & Contact List, Text Messages, iMessage, Website History + Bookmarks, Calendar, Notes, Tasks.

mspy install 2018

How does mSpy works and how to install mSpy:

After you purchase the app, you will have to install this on users device whom you want to track the phone location. Installation and setup just take one minute depends on your mobile speed.

Once the installation and set up is done, tracking will start immediately. Recorded logs are silently uploaded to your online account which you will add while setting your account.

Based on the plans you have brought, you can access all the activities any time to view the logs containing GPS location and all other activities.

One thing that has to be noted here is you will have install the app on the user who you want to track and not on your phone. Once installed the app runs in 100% stealth mode and hence goes unnoticed. All the logs are uploaded to spy-app’s servers which can be accessed by logging into your online account from any web browser across the world.

Spyzei Mobile Tracker: Spyzie comes with two edition

  1. Ulimate Edition: This edition with $40 mothly plan can track almost anything like trace mobile number current location online, trace mobile number current location through satellite, mobile no tracker with exact location, live mobile location tracker.
  1.   Premium edition: This edition will cost you $30 with some limited feature.

spyzie download 2018

How does Spyziei works and how to install Spyzie:  

The installation is similar to mSPy, once you purchase the app, you will have to install this on users device whom you want to track the phone location. Installation and setup just take one minute depends on your mobile speed.

In order to access all the recorded data, you can visit your that you have set up while purchasing the app.

How to track a lost Android phone

You will have to download popular Android app called as Android Device Manager from Google play store on your device. This app lets you track your stolen android phone and also lets to remotely lock or erase all the data on it.

How does Android Device Manager Works ?

Open “Android Device Manager” from desktop and log into your Google account using the same ID associated with your lost phone. After successful login this app will attempt to locate your device and show its last known location on the map.

In addition, you will also be able to perform several actions on your lost phone such as give a Ring, Lock the device or Erase all the data stored on it.

Trace Mobile location using Mobile Number Tracker


Here is how you can track mobile location online using Mobile Number Tracker.

  • Visit the site from the link shared above.
  • Input any mobile number you want to track.
  • Receive the details along with a Google Map.

Conclusion: Our view would be to mostly try out paid apps if you want to trace mobile number current location through satellite. As, most of the free apps that we tried was not useful or got crashed in the end.

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