Second number apps for android

Second Phone Number Apps For Android & iPhone

You don’t have to carry two phones just to keep two numbers.

We are not joking, it’s possible😻

& NO, we are not talking about two sim card slots on one phone. It’s crazy, we don’t want that 🙅‍♂️

You may ask, how is this possible🤔?

Well, there are apps that can provide you a second or secondary number. The second number will also have all the features and functionality just like your primary number.

I’m happy with just one number, why would I need another number?

You are saying this because you might not be aware of the advantages of having another number.

Okay, let’s talk about me, I’ll tell you, how two numbers in just one phone help me.

So there are many websites like dating sites😉, job portal sites, classified sites like Craiglist or Olx, etc where I don’t want to use my primary number. Also, I get very reluctant while sharing my number with someone I don’t know. And, if I’m getting a call on my second number I’d probably know it’s not that important and will send an auto-reply msg or voicemail.

In short, having a second number keeps my personal and professional life separate.

Now, if in case I was able to convince you to have another number. You might want to know, which are the top second number of apps that are best in business. Like less money and more features and also if they give trail features.

We understand this 🤟

And, therefore, we have shortlisted a list of 6 apps after going through almost 20 apps in the last few months.

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Second Phone Number Apps For Android & iPhone

Second number apps for android

So here goes the list:

Sideline App For iPhone & Android: 

Of all the shared apps here sideline app was offering most features with very fewer bucks. So, we decided to give this app a try.

To start with a few features that we liked the most were:

Pick the number you like: You can pick the number that suits you as per your local area code. Add multiple people to the same conversation. Send unlimited text, picture, or video.

Shared Inbox For Team: Everyone can access the same conversations from a shared inbox. The team members can see who’s doing what to make teamwork more transparent, something like Whatsapp group. As the owner of the number, you can invite and manage team members.

Auto Reply Features: Let’s you respond automatically to missed calls or texts whenever you’re busy. Allows adding multiple contacts, colleagues, or clients to the same conversation. Also, add an image or logo to your texts or auto-replies for a branded experience

When enabled, you’ll respond to any missed call. When enabled, you’ll respond to any inbound text. If Auto-Reply starts a conversation, anyone on your team can finish it. Auto-replies can be sent to any mobile phone number in the U.S.

Worried about how to download & Install Sideline App: Watch the video here

You can download Sideline App From Here

Google Voice :

In the list of apps that help in getting a virtual number the first app on the list is Google Voice. The best feature about Google Voice is that it can sync across devices. Like, you can route the calls to your computer, home, office, or mobile number. The other add on feature is that you can also route to a different location.

What are the features you can avail with this app? As mentioned you can get a temporary number which is the second number that helps in calling and texting. Transcription of voices messages to text is one of the best features in this application. The plan is absolutely free no need to pay anything. All communications were stored and backed up in history for your further reference.

Download Google Voice From Here


On the list of Second Phone number Apps list Burner is another app that gives you the second line which means one sim card two numbers. It was designed to help with a temporary number but you can also make it permanent.

Burner app was one of the first who introduced these features.

Incoming call route through Burner temporary phone number and send them to your cell phone so your personal number stays private.

The best feature of this application is that it can give up to three lines. It is available for both Android and iPhone. Initially, you get a 14day trial with limited calls and text messages. If you are interested then you can but the plan of  $4.99/month. Burner app can also give you a permanent number so there is a plan for it which you can choose if you want a permanent number.

Download Burner App From Here

Hushed App For Android & iPhone:

Another app that gives your phone a second number is Hushed App. Initially, you’ll get a free trial option then you need to pay to use the application after the trial ends.

The hushed app offers local numbers for more than 60 countries worldwide, including the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, Spain, Mexico, and Brazil. The best part about this app is that not only assigning the second number but also you can burn the number once you have done. This application is mainly used for private calls and messages.

This app allows call forwarding. The app is free for 3 days and then the 7-day plan will be started. The plan starts at $1.99. Hushed app is available for both Android and iPhone.

Download Hushed App From Here

Looking for a hushed app for PC, you can get it from the above link.

Flyp App For Android:

Flyp is another app n the list of virtual second phone number apps. With the help of this app, you can also simply send and receive texts, photos, and GIFs to and from any U.S. phone number and to any international Flyp phone number. You can also have unlimited calls.

The most interesting add on with this Flyp is that it lets you add up to five U.S. phone numbers to your existing phone in any local area code you choose. Isn’t interesting?

You can also restrict the incoming calls, set DND for any numbers. The first number you add will be free for 7 days and then $8 per month and $80 per year.

Two Features of flyp apps apart from all the normal feature are:

  • Make calls even if you don’t have Wi-Fi
  • Use your local minutes to make international calls

Download Flyp App From Here

Second Phone Number+ :

Second phone number+ gives you a fake temporary number that used as a second line for calls and messages. One of the best add on with this app is you can have an HD Voice via 3G, 4G, or WiFi to save money on phone calls.

Initially, the app offers a 3-day free trial then $6.99 per week. Supports calls and texts for only U.S. number which is a bit concern. This app is majorly used for iPhone users.

Few Fetures of Second Phone Number+ are

  • Make calls within 28 countries
  • Send SMS and view text message history
  • Add as many numbers as you want – Add Number feature is limitless
  • Choose from a list of available numbers

Download Second Phone Number+ From Here

2ndLine App For PC:

Another app in the list of Second phone number apps is 2ndline App. This app contains a bunch of features inbuilt. The app is very simple to understand and use it.

People who use 2ndline apps can choose a local phone number with unlimited text and picture messaging. And it is not only for text and messaging but it also offers unlimited phone calling and cheap in terms of rate for international calling.

2ndline app for PC and mobile offers some more add ons which make messaging more interesting like emojis, stickers, and GIFs. There is an inbuilt feature to get the voicemail transcription and also caller ID. The features like call forwarding, customizable text, and ringtones, quick reply are very easy to set up in this application. Along with that, you can also add your own signature to each text. Passcode feature is also available which helps in keeping the messages more secure and private.

Download 2ndLine App From Here. 

Conclusion: You can have a temporary number which is one sim card and two numbers with many second phone number apps for Android & iPhone. Many of us may not aware of this feature still. As described above, there are different apps that give your phone a second number.

In short, we can say a temporary number apart from the original number assigned to your sim card. We have already shared what are those apps? From where to download? and if the apps compatible with both Android and the iPhone?

With this article, we tried to answer about the apps that help you to get the virtual number.

There are multiple apps that give your phone a fake temporary number, however, we have listed best second number apps for Android and iOS among them.

These apps will create a second line for your outbound and inbound calls just like the second sim. Some of you may have a question that why to use app when we can use the second SIM. My answer is simple if we don’t have a second sim slot or else if we don’t have time to buy one or other reasons.

Why someone prefers a second number? There may be plenty of reasons like privacy, security, and many more.

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