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Find Phone Number Details With Name India 2020

Finding phone number details with name in India is possible. However, it is very important to know which method works and will actually give accurate results. In the post below, we will show you different methods through which you can easily get mobile number details with name India.  


phone number details with name india 2020 lily singh

  • The first method is through different websites available in India. We have shared the top website in the post below along with a link to check phone number details with name India online free of cost. 
  • The second method is through different apps available on the app store and play store. We have shared the list of apps that you can download to check the phone number details with name India 2020. 
  • The third method is through software for windows and mac PC.

Different websites in India that help in finding the phone number details are:  

The first website that is very useful is This is one of the most popular websites in India that helps users trace mobile number details with name. even helps users get the vehicle details with name and address. Below are the details provided to us by findandtrace when we searched the unknown number on their website were: 

  • Telecom Circle 
  • Network Operator 
  • Signaling 
  • Connection status 

The second website is Here is the link to check the phone number details with name India 2020. You can check the details in just two steps. First, select the country you are living in, and then type the number you wish to check and press/click enter, all the details about that number will be shown on your phone or computer. 

The third website is Like all the websites above, even this website won’t disappoint you. It will give you all the details that are there about that number on the internet. The process to trace the number on this website remains the same as the above. Just enter the details through which you got the call and click trace to get all the information. 

Apart from free apps, there are some paid apps that are more useful than free apps. All the above websites will give you information about the phone number but not the name or tracking mobile number location live on the map. If you want all these details better go with paid apps. Here is one such app that I’m using to get phone number details with name India 2020. Here is everything you need to know about this app. Fonemonitor also gives below details. 

  • Spy on iMessages
  • Access WhatsApp
  • Phone Calls
  • Track GPS Location
  • Preview Videos
  • Hack Phone Contacts
  • Track Installed Apps
  • Check Downloaded Photos
  • Monitor Browser History
  • Read Memos & Reminders
  • Monitor Calendar Activities

Caller Name ID and Location: Apart from one paid above, we have even selected one free app that works really well. The name of the app is caller name ID and location. The various features of this app are mentioned below:  

This app helps to search and Mobile Number Tracker, Phone Number Tracker, Contact Info. Also, helps in identifying and blocking numbers, unknown callers, for identifying and blocking numbers, unknown callers.

  • Find out who called, true call region, name, carrier and more
  • Find directly to your phone book and number book
  • Show caller shows you true caller id name
  • Block spam calls, spammers or unwanted callers
  • Caller ID – Who called me, Call screen & Blocker
  • Phone Number Search, Mobile Number Search
  • Fast caller ID, True app, Caller Identification
  • Caller ID – Phone dialer, Call blocker

If you are looking to find phone number details with name India 2020 then you are at the correct place. However, I have some good news and bad news for you. Unlike, other sites we will not tell you is it definitely possible. It is possible upto some extent but not completely.

Note: Getting phone number details of any individuals is a violation of their privacy until they have given their consent to do so. Whatever, we are sharing below is just for knowledge purpose and we hope you should not misuse it.

So, let’s begin-

Phone Number Details With Name India 2020


There are various tools, software, and apps that are available online using which you find out caller location with mobile number.

The first tool that I want to talk about is WlmobilenumberFreezer Tool. This software is a blessing if you are an Android user. It will give you the exact location of mobile users. All you have to is download and install it on your PC. Now enter the number you want to trace and boom everything will be on your screen. If you want to learn more about this software just click on the above link.

Mspy: This is a paid software, but trust me spending money on this app will be the best thing you can do. You will be surprised by the things it can do. It will give phone number details, message details, Whatsapp details, facebook details, call recording, photos, and images access.

Truecaller: This software is probably most you might be aware of, this is the best app given to mankind :D, jokes apart, it’s my recommendation to use this app. This is the most legal way to get Phone Number Details With Name India 2020.

Some other working ways to Find Phone Number Details With Name India 2020 

Phone Number Details With Name India 2018

You can find different apps on how to find the numbers using phone numbers but most of them result in you in disappointment. But don’t worry we will share with you all the necessary steps and links that will help you find the phone numbers details by simply searching the names. However, there are certain things that we need to do from our end.

Users who all are interested in request you please follow the below complete description which includes complete details on how to check and what are the ways where we can get the numbers by simply searching with names etc.

First, we will look into the ways that help in finding the numbers by using the names. The first and foremost thing that will help in finding the names is Social media.

Using Social Media

Yes if you have a number and you want to get the name of that number you can simply search in social media like Facebook. This is the best way that most of the users can be easily get succeeded in finding the name of the person who holds this number if the user there numbers in their social media.

Most people using social media and they also update their profiles with their contact details. So there is a possibility of getting the name by simply searching the number on social media.

How to find it is very simple. You need to login to social media and from the universal search bar on top for example once you login to Facebook you can see the universal navigation bar on top from where we search names etc their we need to enter the phone number and hit enter.

If at all that number is available in the network then you can easily find the name.

Search Engine :

The most powerful over the internet is Search Engines. Google is the most common search engine that everyone knows. Users need to simply enter the phone number and search. The google search fill fetches all the related pages and if at all it finds the number it will show us. Some times this will gives us a bit of luck. If at all any website or any blog or any post that contains phone numbers and details we can easily get that with the help of this Search Engine.

Application :

Till now we used websites and search engines now let’s look into the app that helps in finding the names once we search with numbers. This app is well known to everyone but very few know that this feature is available. The name of the app is TrueCaller.

We need to follow simple steps to get the details easily. In order to ask for contact details, you need to be a Professional True caller user. This can be bought in your Truecaller settings. May you were unaware of professional Truecaller users.

Being a Professional Truecaller user means you hold the golden crown badge on your profile. With Pro, you will have an ad-free experience and use Contact Requests when you want to connect with someone who has their information available on request.

How to get Professional in the App:

  • You must have an Android, iPhone, Windows Phone 8, or BlackBerry 10
  • Depending on what Truecaller version you have, go to your ‘Me’ or profile tab in your Truecaller app and tap on ‘Go Pro’ or ‘Extend Pro’
  • Choose Buy Professional and follow the instructions.
  • Now your profile will have a shiny new crown badge showing everything you are a Professional Truecaller, user!

Find Mobile Number By Name

  • Once you open the app you can see the search bar. In that just enter the name and search.
  • After searching for the name, you will see ‘Request Contact Details’ (Please note that the person must be within your social circle of people you may know in order to discover them on Truecaller via name search).
  • Click this button to have a request sent to the person you are getting in touch with. You must have Truecaller Premium to send a request.
  • The person you want to get in touch with must accept your request for you to see their contact details.
  • You can see if they have accepted your request in your notifications bar.

With the Truecaller name search, both parties mutually agree to give out their contact information to who they wish!

Here is one useful video with all the method to find phone number details with name India

Airtel mobile number details with name and address: The only to find out airtel mobile number details with name and address is through My Airtel app.  But, the catch here is you will have enter the OTP sent on your mobile to get all the details. So the person whom you want to trace will get the OTP so it’s of no use.  The other option here would be trying the Truecaller professional app. If you give you more accurate data.

Vodafone mobile number details with name and address: The same thing goes out for Vodafone mobile number details with name and address. You will have to download the Vodafone app from play store. However, the OTP sent on your mobile to get all the details. So the person whom you want to trace will get the OTP so it’s of no use.  The other option here would be trying the Truecaller professional app. If you give you more accurate data.

Conclusion: All though there are many sites and apps available. Most of them even claimed to trace any unknown number details, but when we test a few of them, the only information we were able to get was the network operator name and cellphone network location. But, sometimes we need more information than that like the name of the person that is calling. The only app that was helpful in this was Truecaller which gave us at least names of few individuals from where we got missed calls. The rest of the app were not useful from our point of view.

Additionally, there are few apps that are really good at tracking the location of any users like mspy and fonemonitor, but they are paid apps. But if you are looking for phone number details with name India online free then most of the apps don’t work or don’t give proper details.

Please do leave your valuable comment below for our topic Phone Number Details With Name India 2020. Stay tuned to this for more latest updates in the recent software releases, apps releases, technical tips and tricks and many more.

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