Permanently Delete Yahoo Mail Account [Updated Steps 2017]

If you’re finding it difficult to maintain multiple account or you have any privacy concern and wants to quit Yahoo Mail Account this post on Permanently Delete Yahoo Mail Account is worth looking at.

Signup for an Email account can be found on most of the website along with website that allows you to create the email accounts. But every few websites helps you in explaining and sharing the steps on how to delete a particular email or any social media account.

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Permanently Delete Yahoo Mail Account [Updated Steps 2017]


There are different announcement that yahoo released earlier on data breaches that took place. Yes, there an announcement from Yahoo that hackers had gained access to more than 1 billion Yahoo user accounts in August 2013. If you are fed up with data breaches and want to get rid from the email account completely so this article is for you.

Before stepping in to permanent deletion of an account, let us discuss what all will affect if we delete yahoo mail account permanently.

  • If we delete account permanently all of the yahoo services access will be removed.
  • Once the account is deleted permanently then you won’t be able to recover the account as deleted account can’t be recovered.
  • Delete all the sub accounts that are internally linked to the main Yahoo mail account which you want to delete permanently.

How To Permanently Delete Yahoo Mail Account:

  • You need to visit the link which redirects to account deletion page. No worries, if you don’t have an idea below is the link that redirects to delete your yahoo account permanently.
  • Once you click on the link a login page will be displayed on the screen
  • Enter the login details and password. In the mean time you will also notice account deletion warning message.

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  • Scroll down and enter the security code which was shown in the box, if you can’t understand or hear you can request for new code by clicking on ‘Try a New Code’.3
  • After that click on Terminate this account4
  • Thats all you have to do. By following the above steps your account will be successfully deleted and that to permanently.

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