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Top Parental Control Apps for iPad & Iphone With Download Link

I totally understand your frustration when you are not aware what your kids are doing online, as a parent you must be concerned. We also don’t want to make them unhappy by taking away their privilege. 

So, what’s the solution or common ground ?

I think we as an adult know what kind of site or app is harmful for them, then how about we lock them. Yes, we can do that, there are some wonderful apps available with few bucks that can block these sites.

But been there done that, I think we all can agree we need some app that can do more than just blocking the sites and apps. Yes, I’ll share them here but I would strongly recommend letting your kids know if you are tracking more than just apps and sites.

We have compiled a list of apps that can even track location, messages, browsing history, photos and many more.

Fortunately, there are several apps on iOS for iPads which can be used to protect your child from these online nuisances and stop them from becoming a smartphone and tablets addict. 

Here are the summary of apps:

  • Kidslox
  • OurPact
  • FamiSafe
  • Parentkit
  • Qustodio
  • mSpy

Some of the best parental control apps for iPads and iPhones are:

Parental Control App For Ipad

I’ll start of with my favourite one mSpy, one of the best parental control apps for iPad:

mSpy Parental Control App:

Chances are you might knowing this app, even if you don’t, I got you. This app is very easy to use and if you are not getting familiar sooner they have amazing support that can help you out.

From all the feature this app provides, most people generally use this app for below tasks:

  • Incoming and outgoing call logs
  • GPS location & routes
  • Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, FB, etc
  • On any iPhone, iPad, or Android device

Now, why I prefer this app among others: 

  • You can install this app and done with set up within 5 minutes.
  • The victim won’t even know this app exists on their phone, it remains totally invisible, there won’t be any icon displayed on the device.
  • You get all the tracking info on your phone remotely with in 5 mins.
  • All the above tracking info can be accessed by you and only you.
  • I find it very affordable which comes with 24/7 support.

Downloading and installing this mSpy app for iPad is same as iPhone. Download mSpy From Here.

Check this link here to learn Qustodio Parental Control App and even how to use it

Qustodio Parental Control App

Qustodio Parental Control App lets parents control the screen time of their children. It monitors social media applications such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. It allows parents to block suspicious apps, track the whereabouts of the children and then report it in real time. 

Setting the Qustodio app for Android or iPhone is also easy. You can start by downloading this app on your iPhone and then download the application on the iPad that your child is using. Once both the apps are synced, you will be able to track all the activities of the children and control them accordingly. You can reduce the screen time for the children and help them focus on their study. 

Some of the features of Qustodio Parental Control Application are:

  • It allows you to set and manage the daily screen time of your children. 
  • It allows you to monitor search, website accessibility and apps that are being used. 
  • You can block some websites, or categories such as games, porn, gambling etc. 
  • You can block unsupported browsers and get advanced reporting of activities for upto 7 days. 

Parentkit Parental Control Apps For iPad

Another amazing app that allows parental control is Parentkit. The app can be downloaded on iOS devices and can be used to monitor activities of children on the iPads. Using this app, the parents can schedule the activities from your device which acts as a remote. Parents can monitor and schedule the use of browsers like Safari and Google, usage of apps and purchases made on them.

 Some of the major features of the Parentkit app are:

  • Qustodio Parental Control App is simple to install and easy to monitor through the device of the parents. 
  • Multiple profiles of children can be set on the app for the devices that you want to monitor. 
  • It monitors and minimizes screen time, app and browser usage, multimedia purchasing and category blocking as well. 
  • Parents can schedule and control each profile of their children separately. 


One of the most dedicated parental control apps for iPad is Qustodio Parental Control App. It allows parents to locate their kid’s whereabouts using the phone’s GPS, monitor app and browser searches, helps in filtering content and manage screen time as well. It helps the parents keep a close eye on their children to keep them safe from unwanted harms of the internet. 

Some of the features of FamiSafe app are as follows:

  • This app helps parents track the location of their kids as well as check location history as well. 
  • It allows web content monitoring and filtering as per the geographical location. 
  • With Famisafe app it allows for flexible remote control from the personalization setting and helps the parents control their children’s phone remotely. 


Managing the children’s screen time and whereabouts become easy with Qustodio Parental Control Apps For iPad. It allows parents to block internet access, apps and browsers for their children if they find it suspicious. They can even schedule specific screen time for their children, create custom schedules and monitor their whereabouts as well. With its help, the parents can control what their children are downloading or buying from third party apps. 

Some of the features of the OurPact application are as follows:

  • The parents can monitor their kid’s iPad all the time. 
  • They can set and monitor their screen time using various scheduling features of the app. 
  • They can block third party apps, internet access, and schedule usage time as well. 


Another app which helps parents take control of their children’s screen time is Kidslox. It helps parents monitor their kids’ screen time, limit their interaction on the iDevices, and control their browser activities. The parents can switch between child mode and parent mode or go for complete restriction mode by setting timers and PINs so that the kids can’t open the device. 

They can also block usage of suspicious applications, restrict web browsing, control app purchases, block insensitive games and restrict app times as well. The application allows parents to take control using all these features through a subscription based model. 

Some of the features of Kidslox Parental Control Apps for iPad are:

  • It allows parents to take full control of their children’s iDevices, laptops and personal computers. 
  • With the help of this app you can password protect the device so that they cannot be accessed by their kids. 
  • They can switch between child mode and parent mode or enforce complete lockdown mode to disable the device for the children. 
  • The app allows parents to set filters for web browsing, block category searches like porn, challenges and other harmful activities. 
  • It allows parents to set timers for use by the children beyond which they wouldn’t be able to use the device. 

Conclusion: The Internet has opened a world of opportunities to children and adults alike. But while it has so much to look for, it also has so much unsafe, unhealthy and dangerous content that can potentially corrupt young minds.

This can affect a child’s mental health and cause them depression, sleep deprivation and other diseases. Moreover, it can also lead to several cases of cyber abuse, harassment, and child prostitution as well. 

As a parent, you would always want to keep your children safe from these horrendous incidents mentioned above. 

All the applications mentioned above have helped the parents in minimizing the threats that can be encountered by the children in these times. Not only these cyber threats but also the screen time has led to a serious threat of depression, mental health issues, sleep deprivations and other diseases as well. 

All these apps will help your children minimize their screen time, focus on extracurricular activities and help them escape the brutalities of the internet. 

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