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How can this article come in handy if you want to buy mSpy app. 

Well, here are list of things you will come to know once this article is over. 

  • What is mSpy
  • Most FAQ about the app
  • Can it be installed remotely
  • Which is cheapest plan with most features 
  • Where and which plan to purchase and their cost
  • How to install this app 
  • And anything that you need to know before using this app.

Talking about the plan: 

If you are thinking to give mSpy a shot, 

It is important that you pick the plans which is suited as per your needs. This I can tell from the experience after using the app.  

But, before moving to mSpy buy online official website, you might wanna check which feature and plans you should go for. 

I have been using mSpy for 3 years now. Been writing reviews about it on few websites and blogs. I have also write reviews on my Facebook page as well on choosing the best plans. 

So after using this app for almost 3 years I have got the overall idea about how to use mSpy. The feature that works better and what plan you should consider. 

But before I tell you about the different pricing plans and what features are available in each plan and how much each plan costs. There are few questions that I keep getting from users. May be if I answer them here it might help you folks as well. 

A little introduction about the app.

 Those users who are not aware of mSpy app, it is one of the most popular spying apps or parental control app for Android or iPhone. It is mostly used by parents around the world to protect their kids online and offline.  

Now moving on the questions part

  1. Can mspy be detected?

There is very very minimal chance of this app being detected. When you install it on your phone, it asks whether you want to keep the icon on the phone. All you have to do is select NO. This will install the app in the background. 

The app will keep sending data remotely to your control panel that can be accessed from any computer or mobile. The victim would never know the app exists on their device.  

Although there are few anti virus software that can detect the app but most of the time it goes undetected. You shouldn’t probably worry about this. 

2. Can mspy be installed remotely? 

This is popular query among users, the answer to this is yes and no both. Yes, because if you are on Iphone you can install mspy remotely through iCloud, however you need to know the iCloud login details of the victim’s phone. Yeah its a bummer 😞 

For Android users there is no way to install mspy remotely, you need to have access to the victims phone. 

But, hey in my opinion it’s worth taking the risk because, if you think about the amount of control you will have on victim’s phone once you have the access. 

3. I know most of you were waiting for this question😜 can I use mSpy to track my Wife or Husband or girlfriend or boyfriend. 

Yes, you can but I would highly advise against it. We have no right to invade any one’s privacy and if you must do so, you should inform them about it, I know it doesn’t make sense but this is right thing to do. 

 👉There are 3 Plans: 


Basic: This is only available on a monthly basis. This means, if you want to continue using, next month onwards it will cost the same. The one month cost starts at $29. 

Who can use this plan?

All those folks who are looking to give this app a try before purchasing the yearly plan. 

What features will I get with this plan? 

Text Messages, MMS, Call history & Contact List, Website History, Calendar, Notes, Tasks, Emails, Bookmarks, Photos & Videos, Installed Applications, SIM Change Notification, GPS Location, Uninstall Alert, Keyword alerts.

My Opinion ? 

Major IM messaging apps like Whatsapp, Tinder, Telegram, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook are not supported, which the kids mostly use nowadays, so I believe it should have been included with this pack.

But if you just want safety for your kids and looking for a phone tracking app or location tracking app in your budget, this plan would be enough. 

Download Mspy App Basic From Here

Premium: This is available on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. The one month cost starts at $69.99, the quarterly plan starts with $119.99, and yearly plan starts with $199.99.  

Who can use this plan?

This is also valid for those folks who are looking to give this app a try before purchasing the quarterly or yearly plan, and looking to get more features like tracking Whatsapp or Instagram app then this is the plan they should go for. 

What features will I get with this plan? 

Apart from all the above feature, you will get all the additional features shared below: 

Geo-Fencing: This feature can help set a perimeter for your kids, like from school to home or home to gym etc, incase they move out of this perimeter, you will get an alert. 
Keylogger: Whatever they type on their phone can be recorded with this feature. This way you can get all the passwords they type on their phone.  
Wi-Fi Networks: Whenever they connect to new wifi or hotspot you can track it. 
Apps & Websites Blocking: There are few websites you don’t want them to visit. No problemento, you can easily do it from the app control panel.  
Incoming Call Blocking: As the name itself suggests you can even block any incoming call, if any number you want them not to receive a call. 
Remote Device Lock or Wipe: In case the phone is lost you can remotely block the mobile from accessing. You can even wipe the entire data of the phone like contacts, photos etc.
Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, LINE, Telegram, Tinder, iMessage (iOS), Facebook Messenger:  You can track any and more of these IM apps. 

My opinion: This is the plan I’m currently subscribed to, but I had first brought basic plan and after a few months I moved to this plan. I find this plan a bit expensive but the ability to track Whatapps, Facebook etc and record the password makes me forget the price that I’m paying. 

Download Mspy App Premium From Here

Family Kit: This plan is only available in half yearly and yearly. The half yearly plan starts with $359.97 and yearly plan starts with $479.97. 

Who can use this plan?

This plan is designed for parents who have more than one kid. This plan can track 3 devices at a time.  

What features will I get with this plan? 

Apart from all the features of premium plan. Plus exclusive status of a wholesale customer.  They give preference for lightning-quick support service for this plan user. 

My opinion? 

Not required unless you want to track everyone around you. 

Download Mspy App Family Pack From Here

Now We did not confuse you so we have added all the plans here along with all the Info that you need about them. Check Below For More Info


per month *​

More Info Here


per month *

More Info Here

Family Kit

Half Yearly *

More Info Here

How to use mspy App

👍Now once you purchased the app, you would want to know how to use mSpy? 

You can skip this part in case you know this step. Using this app is very easy. Most people think, as the functionality is pretty sophisticated using this app would be tough but the answer is no and not at all. Anyone with basic smartphone knowledge can use this app. Let know show you how easy it is to use this app? 

The app can be used in just 3️⃣ steps: 

Buying the app: 

Choose any plan from the above that suits you and move to the checkout page. Fill all the information that you generally do while buying anything online. Once the purchase is complete look for the mail that you will get with the complete installation instructions. Make sure to check the spam folder as well. Once buy mSpy Online Android is complete, will move to next steps. 

Install and Set Up: 

Now get your kids phone for a few minutes, I know it’s a bit risky but this is the last hurdle. Download the app on your kids phone. You can learn how to download mSpy instructions from your mail.  If you find it little tricky to download mSpy and install, during purchase you can opt for Massistance program. With this feature, their support guys can help you how to install mSpy on Android or Iphone. You can even learn from one of the articles I have written on step by step process to install Mspy shared above.  

Start Tracking:

Login to mSpy Control Panel to start monitoring calls, texts, GPS location, apps and any other activities. 

Things you should keep in mind:

Few of the features work only if the Android phone is rooted or iPhone is jailbroken.

If you are not familiar with what these means, no worries just opt for massistance program during purchase and the support guys will take care of this. Basically, rooted android phones give more flexibility to install different types of apps which is not possible when not rooted. But, rooting the phone can void the warranty, however it will be back to normal once you unroot the phone. The same process goes out for the iPhone as well.  

mSpy runs on jailbroken/non-jailbroken iOS devices. In the former case, you need physical access for installation. In the latter case, you need no access if you have iCloud credentials, but you get fewer monitoring features. Still, the access may become necessary if iCloud backup isn’t activated on the device.

👆Few important FAQ about the Mspy App. 

There are few more questions that I get asked often and therefore, I have answered them here. 

Is it legal to use this mSpy? 

Yes, completely. But, the users must have consent from the target user whom they want to track. 

Does it required internet connection to run: 

Yes, for the tracking to work, the phone must be connected to the internet. But, most of the phone nowadays have internet connection. 

mspy buy online android

Conclusion: If used with caution this app has all the features a tracking app should ideally support. With this article our aim was to provide you everything you need to know about phone tracking apps and which app you should buy. We have also shared mSpy buy online android and Iphone sites above where you can download mSpy.  

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