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iPhone Location Tracking App | Lost & Found | 2019

If you own an iPhone, then the problem is major if you have lost your phone or looking to locate anyone’s iPhone.

You wanna know why?

It’s because to develop and an App for iPhone is more difficult than Android. I’m not talking about coding part but on iOS you need to go through many guidelines set by Apple so that users data and security do not get compromise.

So it means less apps on iOS and less chances to locate your smartphone.

It doesn’t mean it’s not possible to locate your phone location if you own an Iphone. You definitely can!

Let me tell you how?

Rather it is far easy to locate an Iphone than a Android Phone, No offence to Android users 😀

Iphones comes with pre installed Find my Phone app. This app is so simple to operate.

Below we have explained each and every step in a very simple way.  And, yes there is iPhone Location Tracking App.

iPhone Location Tracking App

iphone location tracking app

Location tracking is no more a fantasy or a fancy gadget feature. It has evolved from a fancy feature in the early smartphones to a necessity in almost every phones we use now. It is an expected unarticulated requirement that every user has for their phones.

The expectation bar is a lot higher when you own a premium phone. Yes! I am talking about iPhone that claims to be the most powerful personal device in the world. Gone are the days where people evaluate a phone just by its hardware specifications. It’s always the user’s touch point that is being evaluated most of the time even though hardware plays a major role in the feature or functionality.

“Apps”- One of the most used words in this era of smartphones. Every smartphone is evaluated based on the apps it supports and the capability of these apps. Of course the apps does not mean anything without its counterpart hardware. The efficiency of the app is obviously based on the capability of the hardware associated with it.

In this article I am going to talk about how location tracking works in iPhone.

Find my iPhone iPhone Location Tracking App

FInd my phone

Apple devices has an integrated solution for tracking all their devices. It’s surprising to know that this solution is not only capable of tracking your iPhone location but even the AirPods that you use for your iPhone. The moment you start using your iPhone you will have to sign up in iCloud. Now this remains same across the devices. There is a reason why you do this and that is “integration”. Sharing files/images across your apple devices is seamless using iCloud. Even when it comes to about location tracking you have this mother service that can track all your devices at one place. iCloud as you must have already know is a cloud storage and cloud computing service from Apple.

It’s just not about logging to the iCloud that can make your device theft proof, but also enabling the Find my iPhone feature that will track your phone all along.

How to enable Find my iPhone

How to enable find my phone

You can enable your Find my iPhone feature in iCloud settings. If you are using iOS 10.2 or earlier versions, Go to settings and select iCloud, if you are using newer versions of iOS, Go to settings, click on your name, then select iCloud.

In the iCloud settings at the very bottom you can see the Find My iPhone option with a toggle on/off switch. You can slide the switch to enable Find My iPhone.

How to track your iPhone location

There are 2 ways to do it wherein both of them leads to the same place.

  1. Sign in at iCloud
  2. Download the Find my iPhone app on any apple device to find the lost or stolen device

Sign in at iCloud

To find your device from iCloud follow this link. Here you will need to sign in using the same credential that you used for your iPhone.

Once you log in, it will show you all the devices that has been logged in with the ID. In the left you will see a bullet either in grey or green color. This shows whether your device is online or offline. If your device is online it will show the bullet in green otherwise grey. Unfortunately you can only track you device if it is online. If it is online, Click on the device and it will show you the location.

Find my iPhone location tracking App

Find my iPhone, like any other anti-theft application, comes up with significant features like

  1. Locating yours’ or your friends’/family members’ iPhones.
  2. Playing a sound on your device to find your iPhone if you have misplaced it somewhere
  3. Lost Mode to lock and track your iPhone
  4. Erasing all your personal info remotely
  5. Activation lock

Activation lock is one of the best features of Find my iPhone location tracking app. The moment you turn on Find my iPhone, your Apple ID and password is required to turn off Find my iPhone or access any of the features mentioned above. This means that even if your phone gets into wrong hands without a lock, that person would need your ID and password to access lock features on your iPhone.

To track your iPhone in the App. Open the app and click on your device. Please note that your device only shows up in your family member’s phone if you have the family sharing setup. Once you have selected the device, the location will be shown in the map if it is online. Not to worry if it is offline too, it will show the last known location up to 24 hours.

You can also select “Notify me when found” to get an email notification once your device comes online.

Now we know what we have got, let’s make our devices trackable and secure.

GPS Location Tracker for iPhone and iPad

The best thing about this app is it’s free of cost and can be downloaded free on both Laptop and Desktop.

Once you install this on the target device, everything will be recorded in the background. You can access all the data on the server here

You can protect this app with password. It can even track your car location. The default tracking is just 10 mins but can be extended to 12 hours also.

Phone Tracker for iPhones

This app can help you track your friend’s and family location. It can track 2 users location at a time for the free version. On the app store it has even got good user rating. Even though it runs in the background it consumes very less battery. Also, if you want to track the travel route of your employee, this is the app you should go for. It has even got an option to track lost phone or stolen phone.

iTrack for iPhones

This app is free folks, just download and start tracking your phone now. This app uses GPS feature to track location of any device.

Features: Location history of 6 hours, Zoom in/out feature, keeps check on speed and direction, Can send photos, multiple map option, Facebook integration facility, it can follow up to 3 persons, View of street and travel site, Location update messages if there is any change occur.

You can have the option to send the photos of the location or destination to the person you want to share the details.

Conclusion: I know there is limitation when it comes to iPhone Location Tracking App. But, one thing is certain whatever the limited app we have it is sufficient to find our device location.

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