How To Install mSpy on Iphone Jailbroken & Non-Jailbroken📲

We have divided this post into 2 sections.

The first section will be dedicated to all those who have jailbroken iPhones. And, looking for steps on how to install mSpy on the iPhone Jailbroken device.

And, in the second section, we will help those users who are looking for steps on how to install mSpy on an iPhone non-Jailbroken device. Using this method you can even install mSpy remotely on the target device.

But before moving ahead 🚶‍♂️first let us learn what is mSpy and how it can benefit you. 

So, mSpy is one of the most popular parental control apps in the world with more than 100K users. 

Using this app you can monitor your kid’s behavior online and offline as well. You can even use mSpy to track the work hours or productivity hours of your employees. 

Now, you must be thinking🤔, isn’t it a privacy breach? 

Yes, it can compromise the privacy of the individual you are tracking. And, therefore we highly recommend taking the consent of your kids or employees before tracking them. 

Now, coming back to topic-

How to install mSpy on iPhone Jailbroken Device

If you are tracking a phone which is already jailbroken, you have won half the battle. Because most of the IM apps which kids use nowadays like Whatsapp, Instagram, etc are supported for Jailbroken iPhone. 

If you would like to Jailbreak the phone that you want to target, you can opt for massistance program from mSpy. You can do this while purchasing the app. Their support guys will help you in jailbreaking the phone. 

Now to install mSpy on iPhone, there are just 4 steps to follow: 

  1. Purchase mSpy Subscription
  2. Install mSpy on the Target Device
  3. Set up mSpy on the Target Device
  4. Start Monitoring the device 

Now let’s dig in a step by step:

First Step: Purchase a mSpy Subscription: 

You can skip this step if you have already purchased the app. In case you haven’t already, you can buy it from the official site here

If you need more assistance on which package will be most suited to your needs you can check out this article

Once you select a package as per your plan move to the checkout page. Fill all the information that you generally do while buying anything online. Once the purchase is complete, look for the mail that you will get with the complete installation instructions. Make sure to check the spam folder as well. 

You can now access your account control panel via As soon as you log in to your account for the first time, you will be shown the setup process. Select your device, in your case the phone you want to track. Select the iPhone to start the installation process. Don’t close your account as of now and keep it open. Also, now is the time to access the iPhone which you want to track. 

Second Step: Once getting access to the target phone📱: 

  • Look for the Cydia app on your phone and open it and select Sources there.
  • Next press Edit -> Add. You can see the edit and also add options on the top right. 
  • Once you press add, you will then see a command prompt. Enter: into the address bar and press Add Source.
  • mSpy will be downloaded and installed on the device you want to target. 

How To Install mSpy on Iphone Jailbroken

Third Step: Configure mSpy on the target phone. 

We need to configure the mSpy on the target phone to use it properly. Here are the steps: 

  • Open Cydia App and select Mtechnology LTD repository
  • Now select All Packages > iPhoneInternalService > Install > Confirm. This is to install iPhoneInternalSerivce this helps in hiding the app from the phone.
  • Once the install is done, select Restart SpringBoard to restart.
  • Next, open Cydia and choose Sources followed by Mtechnology LTD repository to delete it.
  • Finally, navigate to the mSpy app icon on the phone screen and open it. There are some on-screen instructions for you to follow before you enter your registration code. This code can be found on the online portal. Once you enter it into the app, mSpy installation is complete and you can begin using the app.

Fourth Step: Move to your mSpy control panel to see the monitored activities. Wait at least 24 hours for data to update. 

This is the second section: 

Now we will tell you how to install mSpy on non-jailbroken iPhone

At first, you need to activate iCloud backup on the target phone 

  • Open settings on the target phone 
  • Look for iCloud setting and click to open it 
  • Now click on iCloud and iCloud Backup 

Keep in mind, for iCloud backup to work 

Device is charging 

Connected to wifi and screen should be locked 

  • Now go back to your mSpy control panel and choose iPhone/Ipad no jailbreak and press proceed. Skip the second step 
  • In 3rd step, you will be asked to provide target phone iCloud credentials 
  • Enter and verify it 
  • Press finish and you are good to go 
  • Wait to at least 24 hours for activities to be uploaded to your control panel 

Here is one small video on how to install mSpy on non jailbroken iPhone

Video Link

I know, we may have miss answering something in the post above. Therefore, we have answered a few FAQs about the app.

Is mSpy detectable?

You can rest assured, there is a very minimal chance of this app being detected. There are few instances where it can be detected like during antivirus scan. However, it even goes undetected in many antiviruses.

How to jailbreak iPhone

If you are doing it for the first time, we would recommend opting for massistance program while purchasing the app. The mSpy support guys can help you jailbreak the iPhone.

mSpy without iCloud password

Yes, there is even an option to use mSpy without iCloud password. For this to work you will have access the target phone for few minutes to install the app

Is it legal to use mSpy

Yes, it is perfectly legal to use it. However, we highly recommend informing the target users about the tracking of the phone. 

In case I want to uninstall mSpy app on Android. How can I do that? 

Android devices:

Go to Phone Settings > Security > Device Administrators > Update Service > Deactivate > Get back to Settings > Apps > Update Service > Uninstall

Few folks have doubts about whether can I monitor more than one device with one plan. 

You can monitor as many phones as you want but you will have to purchase the family kit plan. You can monitor only one cell phone. And If you want to monitor 2 cells at a time, you need to purchase two subscriptions.

How can we install mSpy without the target phone? 

There is no way you can install mSpy without the target phone. It has become extremely difficult especially for iPhone users.

First of all, there is two-way verification process for which you required the access to target phone. Then, you need to enable the iCloud back up. Then, you must also have iCloud credentials.

Once you all the above requirements, the rest of the steps become very easy.

Now we are clearing the packages and price doubt of mSpy.

Note: Last time I checked these were the prices of below mentioned packed, it may have changed by the time you are reading this post.

mSpy comes with 3 plans basically. There are three main packages:
1. Basic Plan

  • 1 month: $29.99
  • 3 months: $59.99
  • 12 months: $99.99

2. Premium plan

  • 1 month: $69.99
  • 3 months: $119.99
  • 12 months: $199.99

3. Family Kit:

  • 1 month: $84.99
  • 3 months: $135.99
  • 12 months: $229.99

It is very easy to differentiate the above package based on their plans.

In basic plan you get.

  • Contact List;
  • Call logs (incoming and outgoing);
  • Text messages (sent and received);
  • GPS Location;
  • Photos & Videos;
  • Emails (sent and received);
  • Keyword alerts;
  • iMessages;
  • Website History;
  • Bookmarks;
  • Installed Applications;
  • Calendar;
  • Notes;
  • Uninstall Alert;
  • Unlimited Device Change;
  • 24/7 support.

You get all the above features with the premium package. Also, you get WhatsApp monitoring, Facebook monitoring, Instagram monitoring, etc. with a premium plan.

My recommendation would be to go for this plan. 

What the third plan carries?

The third plan lets you monitor more than one device at once.

Conclusion: Our suggestion would be to use the jailbroken phone as it gives you more details about the target phone. We have you now know how to install mSpy on iPhone Jailbroken & Non-Jailbroken devices.

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