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Hackolo Apk Download With Activation Code But, Does It Work?

So, I was looking for some good software or apps that can hack Android smartphones.

The reason I was trying to look for an Android phone hacker is to crack password of my friends phone, who had forgotten his phone password. 

I tried googling it and this is where I came across the website hackolo.com. My initial impression of the site was really good. The posts were well written and explained properly, but the site had many drawbacks which I came to know after I downloaded one of their hacking tools called Android Phone Hacker. I’ll talk about this more in the later part of the post

In the pursuit to crack the password of my friend’s phone I downloaded many other tools and software from their site, but most of them didn’t work. 

Just to check if the issue is only with hackolo APK or other tools as well, I downloaded few other tools  as well such as Wappleak and Snapbreaker. These are tools basically to hack Whatsapp and Snapchat. I have reviewed both tools below and have also answered whether you should download it or not. 

Now, coming to the main topic of

Hackolo Apk Download With Activation Code and If Its Actually Work?

Unfortunately, there is no such app as Hackolo APK Download, and obviously as the app doesn’t exist, there won’t be any activation code available. 

They do have tools called Android phone hacker which you can download from their website hackolo.com. But wait, check our reviews below about the software before downloading.

👉 Here are the steps I followed in order to test or install the software called as Hackolo android phone hacker with Activation code. 

  1. So, firstly I went to this page https://hackolo.com/how-to-hack-an-android-smartphone-remotely/
  2. Got two links on the above page and was asked to click on either one of the links to download the software. 
  3. I clicked on both links one by one, one click directed me to fill some long survey to download the APK or software & the other link also directed me to some form page. Check the screenshot below. 
  4. The post even shows to skip the ads to download the software, but there aren’t any options to skip the ads. 

Hackolo apk download with activation code

5. I tried downloading the Android Phone Hacker Activation Code just in case I was able to download their tools. But unfortunately nothing worked except bombarded with ads everywhere. 

I was convinced with their claim, that it can hack any android phone user with their mobile number. But, in order for this to work, both phone, your’s and target phone needs to be connected with the internet. I even tried this step but sadly even this didn’t work. 

Somehow, I got the link to download the software, then I was asked for Android phone hacker activation code. To get this activation, once again they asked me to fill some surveys. 

✊ Now, as promised above, I’ll talk about two of their popular tools Snapchat sniffing tools called Snapbreaker and Whatsapp Sniffing tools called Wappleak one by one and whether they work or not or if you should download it or not. 

👉 Let’s start with 

Whatsapp Sniffing tool Wappleak: 

As per the website http://wappleak.com/, they claim it can hack whatsapp messenger app. 

So I followed all the steps outlined by them to hack whatsapp. Check the screenshot below:

wappleak sniffing tool

  • First they redirected me to Start hacking page 
  • Now I was asked to enter the mobile number that I wanted to hack.
  • Now as per instructions , go to the Start Hacking page to start hacking.
  • Just enter the mobile number of the victim you want to hack.
  • Then, I was asked to enter what I want to hack like chat, calls, messages etc. and for what duration I wanted the browsing history like one week, 10 days etc. 
  • Next I was asked to select what type of compressed file I wanted to download the hacked details. 

Once completing all the steps, came to know it was another spam software which doesn’t work.

I would suggest not downloading any of these Whatsapp sniffing tools, as in the downloading process I ended up having adware on my PC which slowed it down. 

But, in case you want to give it a try you can go ahead and test it yourself from the link shared above. 

Now, I’ll give you a review of another tool called Snapchat sniffing tool – Snapbreaker which claims to hack Snapchat account. 

👉 Here are a few claims from hackolo about the Snapbreaker tool which it can accomplish. 

  • It can access SnapChat Password/Chat Logs/Images and Videos.
  • It can access logs within the date range for up to 60 days!

So, I decided to try it myself. 

👉 Here are the steps I followed to download Snapbreaker tool and activation code. Check the screenshot below: 

Snapbreaker sniffing tool

  • First I went to this website  https://socialcheats.net/snapchat-hack/ as mentioned on their website
  • As mentioned on the website, the site is maintained by snaphackmaster.com
  • Once you open the above link it will ask you to click on the Hack snapchat button.  Once you click on hacksnapchat button it will ask for Snapchat username you want to hack, then it will take around 2 minutes and once the step is complete it will ask you complete the survey. 

Basically, these tools were made to complete surveys which in turn will help them to generate revenue. These tools are nothing but spam apps or software made to lured you into downloading it on your phone or PC to fill it with Adware. 

Conclusion: The website do have some useful information about apps and software, but unfortunately some of the tools doesn’t work on their website.

Disclaimer: With this post, we have no intention to degrade any website. I have written this review based on my testing of the tools. These might work for other users.

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