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Thousands of mobile number are added everyday and we want to make sure to keep updating it here. We have tried to update almost every mobile number details here.

All you have to do is enter the number you are trying to find details about and select your country. Now click on Find Details. All the information about that mobile number will be shown.

There are paid apps as well which are far more advanced and have multiple features like Spy on iMessages, Access WhatsApp, Hack Phone Calls, Track GPS Location, Preview Videos, Hack Phone Contacts Remotely etc which free apps cannot do.

We have reviewed few of those popular apps like mSpy and Fonemonitor after using it for quite some time.

We will soon update the page with live location of phone number. You will be able to find the person on Google Maps right from here.

Using the form above you will be able to find the network operator the person is using, and from which state or country the call was made.

Now as promised above, here we have come up with the tricks on how to find the live location of mobile owner.

These works only if you have GPS enabled phone which every smartphone have now a days!

Now, we suggests some of GPS tracker app that will help you in finding the current mobile location:

Time has come where apps are merging to provide more value to the users. We hate too many apps in our phone consuming space and RAM.

Even though the budget phones have evolved in terms of storage and RAM, we like to have our smartphones concise in terms of Apps.

Too many apps is a mess. If one can do all, why have many? Here we are going to look at how GPS Apps are scaling up in terms of features.

We use GPS for a lot of things- as a phone locator as an anti-theft measure, as a family locator to stay connected with your family and friends. Well! We have an app that does it all.

How To Trace Mobile Number Current Location Online

Find Mobile Number Details With Address

GPS Phone Tracker

GPS Phone tracker comes with the latest GPS technology be it be for locating your family or for locating your misplaced or stolen phone. It uses state of the art real time location technology for accurate and precise location.

Family locator

To track your family and friends, add people in the application for whom you want stay updated in terms of location. GPS Phone tracker respects your privacy, so as long as you don’t allow people to track you, you are invisible.

Each device you add in the application is displayed as an icon in the map with unique color codes which makes it easier to find out in the map.

So if you have that friend/family member who misplaces his/her phone too often, add him/her and the phone is always under radar. And if you have a partner whose job requires a lot of travelling, don’t bother him/her a lot with the calls or SMS but just add him/her and ask them to enable it during the travel.

The app allows your friends/family members to check-in at places which triggers notifications. Also the real time location shows up safety points nearby as well. Safety points includes emergency institutions like hospitals, police stations etc. So you know what to do when an emergency situation comes up.

There is also a panic button in the app that triggers panic alerts to let your friends/family members know that you are in trouble and needs help.

Cell Phone Finder

If you are that kind of person who misplaces your phone a lot and does not want to bother others for finding it, then this is again the right app for you because GPS Phone tracker does not need another smartphone to track it but also can track through the website as well.

So next time you misplace or lose your phone, you don’t have to bother anyone just login on the app website and you can figure it out all by yourself.

Your phone will be displayed in map as an icon and you can click on it to get the location details.

One of the key advantage of this app is that this is compatible with most carriers. It does not matter whether you have AT&T, Sprint or Verizon, it is compatible with them all.

Also, GPS Phone tracker is compatible with Android phones, iPhones and even tablets.

You needed an app that does it all. You have got one! Let’s make the best out of GPS in our smartphones.

Here are two more apps and website which is most popular worldwide

With the apps and website that we are going to share below, you can even know how to find mobile number details owner name and address location.


How many of you think that finding the mobile number owner details is easy? If you think that it is easy and and somehow legal then you are right up to some extent.

Usually, people try to find the owner name of the mobile numbers because most 0f us get blank calls from unknown numbers, even random or indecent messages or getting offensive calls.

To avoid these kind of calls, we suggest you block the numbers else you can just complaint to the nearest police station as this article will help you just finding the mobile number details with owner name, the location of the network and few more details which are legal.

This article is for the people who are curious about the names of unknown numbers or friends who tease with new numbers to caught them these app and website will help you.

TrueCaller App/Website :

Truecaller is the app which is most popular among smartphone users. Without this app, we can’t say it is a smartphone:D.

To make our smartphone smarter this app needs to be installed. If you still didn’t installed we suggest you install right now.

Features In TrueCaller:

  • As said the first and foremost thing that this app will do is, it will help you in finding the owner name of the mobile number.
  • There are plenty of other features which were included in recent years. The apps get updated with different features
  • The feature which we need to discuss is the Payments feature. Nowadays almost everyone using digital payments and even in digital payment, we need one or two taps to transfer the amount.
  • So the Truecaller team included payment option in their app which will help us in recharge, bill payments.
  • There is an option named Banking in the app where you need to link your bank account. SMS will be sent to verify your bank account and after that, it will be linked as simple as that.
  • In contacts option, you will be able to see the contacts which were saved in your phone and also contacts which were identified by the app which was not saved in your phone.
  • Messages are the best option which you can use. As you make truecaller as default messenger.
  • There is an option named “Who viewed your profile”. The name itself defines that it will show you the contacts who viewed your profile. However for this option to activate you need to upgrade truecaller to premium.
  • Just like other apps, it will also show you who was online and who’s mobile is in silent or busy.

How Truecaller Works ?

It is very simple to understand how Truecaller works. In simple words, we can say as it acts on a give and takes policy.

If you want those unknown numbers then you need to be part of Truecaller database along with your phone book contacts. So as per this logic now apparently everyone who has installed this application has obeyed to share his phone book.

The data is sourced from the millions of users who have downloaded the truecaller app on their smartphones.

As part of their agreement, the truecaller app asks the user who downloaded the app to allow access to the user’s address book/contacts on the smartphone. Once the user gives access to their phonebook the data is then uploaded by the app to the company’s servers.

Whenever any user tries to find an unknown number the application goes through several data matching/refining algorithms, then the data is made available to all truecaller user whoever searched for the mobile number owner name.

Gathering the information starting from the login screen. Almost everyone uses the Truecaller app every day, if yes then you might have seen that Truecaller only allows either Facebook, Yahoo! or Gmail to access Truecaller app.

If you don’t have any of these social networks then you cannot connect to Truecaller database.

This is because, Facebook, Gmail, and Yahoo! are the most widely used social networking sites. And this will help to collect the information as these sites contain a lot of phone numbers and other contact details.

This means that when you use one of the social sites, your entire contacts including phone numbers, contact names, email ids will be uploaded to a secure Truecaller server.

In the other case if you login to the app using your mobile phones then your entire address book will be sent to the Truecaller servers.

These data will be organized into records and each number will be assigned a Truecaller id. When some one searches the number using Truecaller number search, the caller id associated with that number will be displayed.

So out of all the people who know you and have your contact number stored against your name in their phones – if even 1 person uses the truecaller app, your contact number and name would end up in the Truecaller database.

Many people want to remove their numbers from the Truecaller and they think that it is not possible. For all those here is the answer. You can remove your number from the Truecaller.

Please follow the steps and you will end up with removing your number from Truecaller database

How to unlist Number from Truecaller

  •  You just need to click on the link which was shared below.
  • Once you click on the link just enter the phone number that you wish to unlist from Truecaller.
  • After you enter the number please select a reason and fill out the captcha then select unlist.
  • Done! your number will never again be uploaded to the server and previous records associated with your number will be deleted.


Find Mobile Number Details With Owner Name And Address Using Website

Find And Trace is the website which is the most commonly used to find mobile number details with owner name and address.

Here are steps:

    • You need to visit the website the website link which was shared below or else we also included the website in this article so that you can search without exiting from the article.
    • Once you click on the link website home page will be displayed.
    • On the home page itself, you can see a section which will help you in tracing the mobile number.
    • You just need to enter the phone number and hit trace button
    • The service provider, number of times number searched, sim card distributed at, local time at the phone location and many more details will be displayed.

Trace Mobile Number Live On Map:

This trick is only for users who are looking to trace the exact location of mobile.

Now, this trick is divided into two parts:

  1.  Those who want to track mobile number
  2. And, those who want to find exact location of their phone in case it is lost.

Now, coming to first part on how to trace mobile number.

The only way that we are aware of using which you can trace the phone location is through Truecaller app and that also in legal way.

The Truecaller free version doesn’t have all the features required to give proper details. However, in premium features you have many options including finding details of person who have searched for your profile on the app.

How do I know that? 

Well, I have used the premium version as well as free version of the app, and trust me the premium feature carries much more feature than the free one.

The other method to trace mobile number involves illegal way which we have avoided in this post and we are sorry for that. This feature are mostly used by cops and government authorities for security purposes.

Now, the for those users looking to track their phone location. We have one simple trick to find it.

But for this trick to work you must have at least one GPS apps installed in your phone previously. If you had any GPS app installed on your phone previously.

You can log on to their website using any browser with the credentials that you had created while installing the app. Now, you can easily track mobile number using this features.

From the above section, you can directly search the phone number and check the details. Keep visiting trace mobile number .live for many new tech articles.