Check Phone History On Android

Check Phone History On Android | Phone Tracker| Usage History

As we don’t know if you want to check browsing history of your phone or others phone, we have shared both!

With our easiest steps you can view phone usage history or Android phone browsing history on your phone as well others.

So the question is: Are the browsing history actually gets deleted ?

Well, we will find out!

There are some apps available such as mSpy with few bucks that can track other’s browsing history. I do spend some money on purchasing genuine products rather than using free version.

Because there is always a risk involved with free apps. I have found they sell your info and make money. Sometimes, even make your phone venerable to hacking.

You can download the above mentioned app from here if you want to track other’s phone history from here.

In this post, we will talk about only Android. iPhone, yaa it will be covered in upcoming blog.

So, many of you might be knowing, Android has a micro-processor chip which may seem small but is probably larger than human brain in terms of storage capacity.

Checking Phone history such as dialed numbers, search history, app history is possible period.

Why do you need to check phone history on Android?

Check Phone History On Android

Well, I don’t know but things I would like to check is figuring out a contact number or your data usage history. Or, there could be not-so-general reasons for doing so!

You would want to check the history of your better-half, your adolescent kid, your friend or may be someone you have doubts on. The list goes on and on…..

Privacy and personal space is one thing we all have rights on!

We should not invade anyone’s personal space or private details just for fun. While checking someone’s data is not appreciated, we understand the need of doing so at the crucial point.

Sometimes, you want to detangle the life of your kid and sometimes you would want to do it for clarity of instances disturbing your peace.

If any other person uses your phone, you should check the history details if you notice some weird timings. Also you have complete accessibility of your personal data, so feel free to do it!

Keep your intentions clean, you would not do major mistakes in life!


This blog is not written to promote any invasion of personal space. The simple motive of this blog is to spread necessary and relevant information in the given subject for knowledge purpose. This blog is aimed to provide clarification and help people trace necessary information and analysis standing firm on grounds of ethics and etiquette.

So, with ethics and responsibility in consideration, let’s begin the blog!

How to Check Phone History on Android? (Using App)

  • Open your Android Mobile phone
  • Go to your Playstore
  • In the search column type Stayfree (We promise it’s an application and not any e-sanitary napkin, just kidding!)
  • Click on the download option and wait for the app to get downloaded and scanned
  • After the download is processed and the app opens, there comes an option to enter the date of birth, fill in the mandate information right!
  • Click on agree option after you have read the agreement to process further
  • There would be an arrow which you have to give a click, it would appear a couple of times and you have to do the same thing.
  • Give the final permission to the app for accessing your android’s data.
  • Click OK
  • Every relevant information regarding your phone total time, usage time of apps, content searched would appear on the screen.

You can even download stayfree app from here.

How to Check Google Chrome Deleted History in Android?

For this procedure, you have to make sure that you are signed-in to your Google account otherwise this would not work!

  • Open your phone’s setting which is available right in the title-bar of your phone.
  • You will get a couple of options
  • Scroll down and select Google
  • Click on Manage chrome account option available right on the screen
  • Find the date and personalization option
  • Then go to the Web and App History
  • After this choose Manage Activity option
  • Filter the date and time as per your requirement and need of the relevant information.
  • Select Chrome option
  • Ah! The whole history of Chrome searches would be available right on your android screen.

How to find Vivo Android Mobile Usage Statistics? (Using secret code, perhaps! Not a secret anymore)

  • Unlock your phone and come to the home screen
  • Click on the contact application and go to the dial pad of the contact
  • Dial the code *#*#4838#*#*
  • Do not click on the call icon, the entry of the last * will land you on the desired page.
  • Now, you would find three options:
  • Phone information- Here, you can find options to configure information related to your IMI number, voice services, date, service and others related to your system’s analytics
  • Usage Statistics- This is probably the most required option for you. Clicking on this option will facilitate you with complete information and statistics of your android phone. Some of the data topics include Phone Management, Browser, Whatsapp, Facebook, twitter, Instagram and all such apps and features present in your android mobile phone. Click on the option you want to browse and get what you want.
  • The third option is Wifi Information which deals with configuration of data left, data usage, speed and other things related to it.

Since, this code is for Vivo android application, it might not work for other brands!

How to Check deleted browsing history on Samsung phone?

  • Make your accessibility to your dial pad on your Samsung android phone
  • Dial the code *#*#4636#*#*
  • For this, the process is the same, do not do it like you would do for customer care service, once you have dialed the code, the process will proceed.
  • You will get the option of Usage Statistics and that is where you need to click.
  • Press Usage time and finally select “last time used”.
  • You will get the required information right on your screen.

If you use chrome browser, it’s pretty easy browsing activity on chrome as well.

Locate the chrome app on you phone by searching or simply tapping on it.

  1. Once the app is opened, at top you will see more option, then history.
  2. Some may have the more option at the bottom, swipe up on the address bar. Tap History.
  3. To visit a site, tap the entry.
  4. To open the site in a new tab, touch and hold the entry. At the top right, tap More and then Open in new tab.
  5. To copy the site, touch and hold the entry. At the top right, tap More and then Copy link.
  6. Clear your history
  7. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app Chrome.
  8. At the top right, tap More and then History.
  9. If your address bar is at the bottom, swipe up on the address bar. Tap History.
  10. Tap Clear browsing data.
  11. Next to ‘Time range’, select how much history you want to delete. To clear everything, tap All time.
  12. Check ‘Browsing history’. Untick any other data that you don’t want to delete.
  13. Tap Clear data.


These were some of the techniques you can go through to solve your problem. Keep in mind all the above things we mentioned and browse for good and as good.

The secret code might differ for different android application. Due to this reason we have mentioned the name of the phone so that you are not misguided.

We hope to have helped you and look forward to doing the same in future. You can comment your demands for upcoming blogs.

“Beware and be safe”.

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