Best Mobile Spy App For Android 2019

Solved: Best Mobile Spy App For Android 2019

Today we will tell you how you can track anyone’s phone activity in a legal way.

But before that,

Let me ask you one question, is there any free monitoring apps that allows you access the below features:

  • Spy on iMessages
  • Access WhatsApp
  • Phone Calls
  • Track GPS Location
  • Preview Videos
  • Hack Phone Contacts
  • Track Installed Apps
  • Check Downloaded Photos
  • Monitor Browser History
  • Read Memos & Reminders
  • Monitor Calendar Activities

After comparing six apps online based on reviews, features and price we were highly impressed by FoneMonitor App.

What is fonemonitor App? 

FoneMonitor is widely used as a phone monitoring solution, you can track SMS, GPS, call logs, videos, photos, WhatsApp and more on Android and iOS devices.

What are its features? 

FoneMonitor provide web-based services like monitoring target Android or iPhone messages, calls, WhatApp and many other data, even you can track your kid’s GPS location to ensure their safety. Believe FoneMonitor and experience better digital life.

The reason I stopped using free apps 1. Most of them doesn’t work. 2. If if they work there are multiple forms to field and there will be a risk of your privacy using those free apps. Moreover, it won’t be legal also.

I’m not advocating any paid apps here, but just a word of caution with free apps there is always risk involved like data stolen, privacy issue etc.

I have tried many free Android monitoring apps and out of 100 only one works fine. Additionally, the feature offered will be limited.

And, that’s why I have shifted to paid apps and has not been disappointed so far.

The best thing about this app was it did not burn my pocket in terms of pricing.

I leave the decision whether to try this app on you guys. But, my suggestions here would be instead of looking for free apps where so many risk are involved. Just get one app that does all the work and without any risk.

If you’re worried about how this app will work? Or how to install?

We have explained each and every steps in simplest way along video tutorial.

Note: I just have one request folks please don’t use this app for any illegal activity.

The app I was about to mention above was FoneMonitor. As per my view this is the Best Mobile Spy App For Android 2019. It works on Android, Iphone including tablets and ipads. 

Best Mobile Spy App For Android 2019 With Fonemonitorfonemonitor, spy app, spy phone, monitor app

The speciality of this app is that you can monitor someone smartphone without the need to root the phone. Through this app you can track following functions of the target phone:-

    • GPS
    • Texts
    • Call history
    • Internet usage
    • Calendar
    • Photos
    • Note
    • Whatsapp
  • Track installed apps

For some features this app is free but if you are thinking of using its advance features then you have to visit the pricing plan and select the plan which is suitable for you.

Let’s get started with FoneMonitor app

Using this app for monitoring purpose is quite easy. You have to follow just three procedure to monitor the target device:-

    • Install Fonemonitor app on the target android or ios smartphone.
  • Log in to your control panel in your phone and start monitoring the target phone.

There is no rocket science in using this app. So lets get started with the above three steps so it become easy for you to understand.

Fonemonitor create account

The first step of using every app is to create account. Here also you have to create a FoneMonitor account to get started. You have to create your account using your email id and have to create your own password for this app.

I recommend to use your personal mail id so that you can get proper update about your target phone. If you are willing to use its advanced features then you can choose your subscription plan which is suitable for you.

  • Install FoneMonitor app on the target smartphone

Once you have login to your account then the second process is to install this app on your target phone. If you have the access to the target phone then it will take few minutes to install and start monitoring of the device. When you will go on the app there will be a setup wizard where you have to enter the name of the owner of the target phone. In the below of the setup wizard select “android” or “ios”.

Click on setting and go to “Lock screen and security option”. Here click on “unknown sources” this option allow you to download an app from other places that play store.

enable unknown source

Now download and install for monitoring of the target device. Go to download page of the target device there you will find the “APK file”. Install this “APK file”.

how to enable unknown source

Now open FoneMonitor app and login through your mail id and password. Click on “Grant” and “allow” for the permission request. After doing all these steps you can start monitoring your target device.

When you will click on start monitoring then the app icon will automatically deleted from your target phone.

unknown source


  • Process of monitoring the target device:-

As you have seen that above was the process to install FoneMonitor app on the target phone. Now you have to complete the setup process on your phone for the monitoring purpose.

Once you have done all the process on your smartphone then you have to go control panel of your phone for monitoring purpose. If you are visiting the control panel of this device for the first time then it will take few minutes because it will start collecting all the data from the target device. You can see a menu on the top of the left side where you can see all the features of the app.

When you will visit the menu option there you can find the following options for monitoring:-

    • Calls
    • Messages
    • Social media apps(Here you can monitor whatsapp and many more social apps activities of your target device).
    • Locations.
    • Contacts
    • Browse history.
  • Calendars and many more option.

Watch This Video To Learn More

Note:-If you want some more advanced option then you can go for premium membership. It is available for both “android” and “ios” with different price options. You can buy 1 month, 3 month or 1 year plan depending upon what plan are you planning to buy.

Conclusion: So if you thinking of monitoring someone’s smartphone. 

With the steps suggested above you can monitor target smartphone with the help of Fonemonitor which will work on both android and ios operating system.

As the technology is on its highest pick its usage can be risky for your children. So with the help of this monitoring app you can monitor your children, wife and the people which you want to target.

The steps suggested above will help you to monitor call logs, messages, social media activities many more. 

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