Top Hacking & Android Sniffer Tool With Download Link 2022

The Nokia Symbian OS is now history,

But who took its place?

Now its either Android or iOS

& If you are using an Andriod based phone, we have some interesting tricks and hacks that can really intrigue you.

With the growing app community, there is always apprehension about phones getting hacked or data breaches, etc. Our team has found a few apps and software that can keep us safe.

We have listed top Android hacking apps in one section and the Android phone sniffer tool download link in another section as well.

Still thinking about securing your phone, don’t worry!

Well, even I was not sure how to keep myself protected from malware or hacking apps. Therefore, I and my team research for a bit and found a few tricks that we are going to share with our users here. 

First, we will tell you, some of the best apps to keep yourself secure on the internet! 

Once we are over that, we will tell you how you can also access other’s phone, Or wifi or their messages.

But, please don’t use it to harm other privacy or security.

Android meme

Before taking you to the best hacking apps for Android, Let’s see some of the Android tools to keep yourself secure first.

The first app in our list is: 

1. Orbot: Proxy with Tor

I’m assuming you guys might be following news about how our data are being used by companies for advertising purposes.

From our browsing activities to our likes and dislikes nothing is secure anymore.

If you are worried, use the Orbot Android app- Let me tell you how this app will help you:

Source: Orbot

“Orbot uses Tor to encrypt your Internet traffic and then hides it by bouncing through a series of computers around the world. Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security known as traffic analysis”

Basically, when you use this app to hide your browsing activities from everyone. You can learn more here 

Now here the game starts!

First, I’ll include my two favorite Android Apps Hacking Tools then, all the best hacking apps for Android:

USB Cleaver

Once you know what this app is capable of you would want to download it just now.

In my opinion, this is the best hacking app for Android which is free. It can steal the saved passwords from the browser, or wifi password, or Ip address.

Learn More about this app and download USBCleaver APK from here USB Cleaver.

The other app that I was talking about above was…

2. Kali Linux NetHunter

If you have the Nexus phone or one plus phone, you have hit the jackpot here.

This app works great with the above-mentioned phone.

So, basically, it’s the first open-source penetration testing platform for Android-powered Nexus devices and OnePlus One.

Its magic includes Wireless 802.11 frame injection, HID keyboard, 1-click MANA Evil Access Point setups, BadUSB MITM attacks. etc.

Download link to Kali Linux NetHunter APK here — Kali Linux NetHunter

WA Toolkit:

I’m not much of a geeky person and therefore I love those apps which are simple to use and work perfectly. WA Toolkit is one of those apps I use on a day to to day basis.

But hey, please do not ask me why 😀

WA Toolkit helps you to track WhatsApp contacts online hours remotely, this is the app you want.  WA Toolkit also notifies you when they come online. The very simple interface and nice design of this app is really commendable. It can also download profile pictures in a single click and periodically sync DP as a phone contact image.

Download WAToolkit From Here

3. Arcia’s net cut:  

This software for windows will list down all the users who are connected with your wifi. Now, if you think there is someone on your network whom you don’t know you can just disconnect them right from the inter cafe. 

This software is even free of cost and one of the must-have Android tools to have.

netcut apk

Download the Arcai NETCUT FOR ANDROID APK From here

4. Lucky Patcher

This app is a blessing for people who are annoyed by ads on the site. It blocks ads and transfers system apps from internal storage to external storage.

It will scan the list of apps on your phone and tells you what action you can take find to block ads, extract the apk file to do the backup, remove license verification, to unlock paid app to be able to install on other devices.

Here is how you can learn more about this app and with Lucky Patcher original APK link

5. DriveDroid

Drive Droid is a blessing for those users who have forgotten the laptop/PC password. This app can unlock your password-protected PC.

You might be wondering how?

The answer is with a USB.

When you install Drivedroid on your phone it stores ISO/IMG files on your mobile. Later you can use this ISO file to start/boot you laptop.

Drivedroid is mostly suited for Linux distributions or always having a rescue-system on the go… without the need to burn different CDs or USB pen drives.

This app also has a feature of download menu where you can download USB-images of a number of OS from your phone like Mint, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE, etc.

You can also create blank USB-images which allows you to have a blank USB-drive. From your PC you can store files onto the USB-drive, but also use tools on your PC to write images to the drive.

Download Drivedroid from here

Now coming to our main topic

Android Phone Sniffer Tool Download With Top Apps Under This Category

We have shared some of those awesome apps below.

There are multiple benefits of using these apps but I’ll share just two so that you’ll get to know what I’m talking about.

  • Apps shared below will excel your hacking skills
  • You can easily hack wifi, snoop on your friend’s mobile, and many more.

The apps shared below are basically the Android phone sniffer tool. As the name suggests it can sniff others’ wifi, passwords, messages, location, etc.


If you are looking for Androidphonesniff tool for your android phone then you are on the right website and on the perfect blog. There are a number of tools which you can download on your smartphone for hacking purpose. We have listed some top Android app through which you can use for sniffing purposes. So below is the list of Androidphonesniff tool which you can download through our provided link.

1. Hackode

The first one which makes it our list is Hackode. Android users just love this app. Hackode is very useful for ethical Hackers, Penetration tester and professionals of cybersecurity to perform various tasks. This app contains various tools like- Reconnaissance, Google Dorks, Google Hacking, Whois, Scanning, Ping, IP, DNS Lookup, Traceroute.

This app can help if you want to hack Android phone remotely. But if you want to use this on a Desktop, it is a little difficult as you might have to use an Android emulator for the desktop to use it. In case, you want to use the smartphone it is perfectly okay.

You can download hackode app from here.

2. AndroRat

Using this app you can spy someone’s Android phone on your desktop. You can get full access to the target phone i.e call, message, contacts, and much more information. This app name is the combination of Android and RAT(Remote Access Tool) i.e this app allows you to sniff the target Android phone remotely.

This app can do wonder like it can get phone information like IMEI number and location of the phone.

What else?

With this app you can see all the Contacts and all their information, you can get their Call logs details as well as messages. It lets you find out the exact location by GPS/Network via Androrat

Few more features are:

  • It gives you the GPS of the target device.
  • You can also check the browsing history.
  • It can also track the live call and live messages.
  • This app allows us to visit the URL on the phone and can also check the installed app.

Few things to collect for this app to work like:

Get the Androrat Download File. This is shared below. Now,

You will also need a No IP account to download DUC Client, you can create a NO-IP account on a few websites. Just search on google and you will get one.

A DynDNS client (we will be using DUC which is NO-IP’s client)

Click on this link to download this app.

3. WifiKill

If you use wifi network for internet connection then this Android app is very useful for you. It will disable the internet connection of another user so that you can enjoy the internet at full speed. When you will search for this app on the “Google Play Store” then there are many fake apps which will be shown to you. Actually, this app is not available on “Google Play Store” so you have to download this app from a third party. Through our website, you can download this app.

You can download the Androidphonesniff tool after clicking on this link

4. cSploit

Ever wanted to hack neighbors’ wifi but couldn’t. With csploit it becomes relatively easy to hack someone’s wifi. This Androidphonesniff tool is the most complete and advanced IT professional toolkit. Using this tool you can easily map your network, find vulnerabilities, crack wifi password, fingerprint for alive host and running systems, etc.

Finish the download and start the app and let the magic begin. Now you will be able to easily map your network,  running services and fingerprint alive hosts operating systems, search for known vulnerabilities, crack logon procedures of many TCP protocols, perform a man in middle attacks such as password sniffing (with common protocols dissection), real-time traffic manipulation, etc.

This app requires a rooted device with Busybox installed.

Click on this link to download cSploit.

Bonus App:

Before moving ahead, how about we share one app that we found while researching, it’s a bit different from other apps shared here but trust me, this is the most interesting app we came across.

The app we were referring to above was Sideline app for Android and iOS as well.

So how does this app work?

Well, if your phone supports only one sim card as this happens with many iPhone and Android users, this app can give one secondary, second, or sideline number. You can use the second number for business or work or some other day to day work and keep your first number for personal use.

Basically one phone, two numbers so all your communication lives in one place. Work and personal lines stay organized, and life gets a little bit easier.

Moreover, it’s very easy to start using it. Just pick a number, sign up, and download the app to start using.

I used the trial version they gave me for a week and post which I went for the full version which cost me just 10 bucks.

I’m leaving the link for Sideline App in case you want to use their trial version.

Conclusion: As we know that the users on Android are increasing day by day. According to a report approx, 82 percent of the people using smartphones are using Android. Once a time if you want to hack someone’s data from an Android phone was a big deal.

As explained above now with the help of some android app you can easily hack anyone’s Android smartphone. So today through this article we have provided the list of top Android phone sniffer tool download links which you can download for your own purpose.

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